Sketching the design on to Tracing Paper

Our skilled Pattern Makers make precise patterns taking into consideration the smallest of design details and exact measurements specified.

Perforating the tracing paper with machine

In order to transform the design onto the fabric, very tiny holes are punched in by hand, outlining the design.

Craftsmen doing embroidery

The finalized designs are then traced or drafted onto tracing paper. This tracing paper serves as the blueprint of the design/pattern and in India, is commonly known as the ‘artwork’. In the case of embroidery swatches the following process is followed.

Work in progress

    Step 1:
  • Using frames to hold the fabric, the embroiderers begin the painstaking and fastidious process of embroidery, keeping in mind the required color schemes and individual techniques as per the original sample or swatch.
  • Step 2:
  • Our Craftsmen acts as a back bone for the successful drives conducted till date with their technical expertise and Skills.
  • Our expertise of conducting 100+ drives has enabled us to provide value add to many concerns.

Quality controller

From the onset, at each and every stage, our Quality Control and Checking Department checks every single detail, and only after their consent a piece is approved. They check every piece for dimensional accuracy and ensure the finishing is perfect.

Factory 1

In our factory setup we follow some ethical values which help us to make a good bonding in between client & employee relation which ultimately help to solve complex problem at ease.

Factory 2

Sampling Room

Our team of designers design swatches based on their research of market trends and fashion forecasting reports. Many a time clients send their ideas and themes based on which our designers create swatches, using a variety of embroidery and texturing techniques. These ready swatches are then sent to the client for their selection and approval.

Sales/Marketing Department

Understanding the continuous change in the demand, we have competitive techniques to sustain & consistently grow in the market, as the result we are dealing with a good market share.

Director Office

Rashid Khan is an creative entrepreneur and a master craftsman for “Nabeeha Exports” Which launched in 2009. Mr. Khan has been an integral part of the international Fashion industry from its nascent inception. Behind the scenes Mr. Khan has tirelessly been working with master artisans across the country and the Globe. In weaving and hand embroidery he has done an extensive research and development. He has created exquisite pieces of embroidery for some of the biggest fashion house in the world such as Atelier Aimee, Darsara, Paolo Sebastian, Luly Yang, Krikor Jabotian, Bridal Studio, Maple Group BV., Naeem Khan, Kobus Dippenaar etc.

Value Adds

As the company which Specialized in Hand Embroidery Techniques and having an In-house Development centre has enabled us to provide solutions as a Designing Firm extracting knowledge and support from the In-house Development.

Exclusive Drives

For huge resources to be deployed at short time, we conduct drives at our office in Mumbai for bringing in best resources from the market.